Nabin K Chhetri is a poet and a writer based in Scotland.  He graduated with a degree of M.St in Creative Writing from Oxford University and a degree of M.Litt in The Novel from the University of Aberdeen. (Specializing in prose and poetry). Nabin is a creative writing tutor and has conducted workshops/readings in various institutions including Oxford University and Robert Gordon University. He is officially recognized by the Scottish Book Trust and is available for creative workshops. He has recently been commissioned by Stanza, “Scotland’s International Poetry Festival” and is a recipient of the “Creative Scotland Grant” to write a poetry collection on Covid-19. He has been selected for various creative opportunities and has been a writer/poet in Residence in France, Spain, Italy and Scotland.  His works have been awarded from Canada, Australia, Italy, India, Nepal, U.K, U.S and Israel. He is the director of Mist and Mountain Residency. (www.mistandmountain.co.uk)

emails: nabinsharvin@gmail.com       web: http://www.nabinkchhetri.com

His works(21,000) words, an extract of a novel, was selected by “Our Voices”, a joint competition launched by Creative Scotland and the Association of Scottish Literary Agents(ASLA)

Commissioned by Stanza, “Scotland’s International Poetry Festival”

 Featured in Scottish Book Trust as a recognised author/tutor


  • Extract of the novel-in-progress, The Red Moon Trails selected by “Our Voices,” a joint award launched by Creative Scotland and Association of Scottish Literary Agents(ASLA)
  • Writing Grant awarded by Creative Scotland 2022
  • Grant awarded by Creative Scotland – 2021
  • Grant Awarded by Creative Scotland to write a poetry collection on Covid-19
  • Commissioned by Stanza, “Scotland’s International Poetry Festival” 2020
  • Shortlisted in the Writers & Artists Working-Class Writer’s Prize 2019
  • Won 2nd Prize in the Vancouver Tagore Poetry Competition-2018
  • Grant received from Francis Reckitt Trust – 2018
  • Selected for Faber Residency, Olot, Spain – 2019
  • Award received from Author’s Contingency Fund – 2018
  • Selected for the Hospitalfield Residency – 2019
  • Received Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding 2017/18
  • Received Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding 2016/17
  • Name included in the Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature Database
  • Poem selected for the Edinburgh Poetry Festival – 2017
  • Poem longlisted in the University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Poetry Prize
  • Peter’s Foundation Award – 2014(University of Oxford)
  • Shortlisted for the Oxonian Review poetry prize 2015 – Oxford
  • Achieved distinction for the Poetry Portfolio (University of Oxford)
  • Discovery Award from The Red Mountain Press 2016(U.S)
  • Shortlisted for the Charles Pick Fellowship for Prose (University of East Anglia)
  • Won the Madder Than We Look – Write Minds competition(UU.K. – 2015
  • Represented Oxford University in the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival 2014
  • Nosside International Poetry Award, Italy(2014)
  • Nosside UNESCO Heritage Award( Italy 2011)


MSt alumnus Nabin Chhetri’s poetry collection “Bini” to be published in 2016


MSt alumnus Nabin Chettri’s collection receives award from Red Mountain Press


MSt alumnus Nabin Chhetri wins second Prize in the 2018 Vancouver Tagore Society Poetry Contest


MSt alumnus Nabin Chhetri commissioned by Stanza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival



  • Invited for a formal reading to the delivered to the M.St Creative Writing 2nd-year student on September 29, 2019, at Oxford University
  • Poetry Workshop conducted at the Mile End School. The session was funded by the Scottish Book Trust and had more than forty participants.
  • Poetry Workshop conducted on February 8 2018, at the Robert Gordon University. The participants were the students of the same University

https://rgucwps.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/recap-of-session-nine-and-special-          thanks/

  • Poetry workshop conducted at the NHAS hall, kettock Lodge, Bridge of Dawn on the theme “Writing nature through Poetry”. The Scottish Book Trust funded this event.
  • Invited for a formal reading on September 29, 2019, at the Oxford University.
  • Workshop conducted on the theme, “Sense over Sectarianism” in Aberdeen and supported by the Glasgow City Council.
  • Grant offered by the Glasgow City Council to for the “Sense over Sectarianism” Workshop 2019
  • Conducted a workshop on “Sense over Sectarianism” funded by the Glasgow City Council 2019
  • Conducted a workshop on “Poetry and Mental Health” funded by the Scottish Book Trust 2019
  • Conducted a workshop on writing at the Faber Residency, Spain in November 2019 funded by the Faber Residency, Olot, Spain.
  • Ran a Poetry workshop,” Love Poems” at the Robert Gordon University on February 20 2020.

                    His poems have appeared in more than eighty national and international journal.  

Reunion: Dallas Review(US), Mused Literary Review(US), Wilderness House Review(US), Gutter (UK), Ink Sweat and Tears (UK), Apple Valley Review (Canada), London Grip (UK), Toasted Cheese Literary Journal(US), New Writing(Scotland), The Istanbul Review, Wayfarers(UK), Reverie(US), The Lamp(Canada), Madder Than We Look – Write Minds Anthology(UK), Nosside(Italy), Fade(UK), Kyoto Journal(Japan),  Ink Sweat and Tears( UK), Poetry Scotland ( UK), Voices Israel,  Irish Literary review( Ireland), S.N Review (US), Forge Journal (UK), Wayfarers(UK), Shot Glass Journal(US), Ricepaper Magazine(Canada), Penny Dreadful(USA), The Sun(India), Nosside Poetry Anthology 2010(Italy), Quest(India), Spinny Babbler(Nepal), Mawaheb(Canada), Poetry Quarterly(China), Fade Poetry Journal(UK), Cynic magazine(US), Tower Journal(US), Poetic Justice – Amnesty International Anthology (Scotland), Featured Poet of the week in Poetry Super Highway(US), Taj Mahal Review (India), Revival(Ireland), Reverie Poetry Journal(US), Sixers Review(US), The Essence(UK), The Kathmandu Post(Nepal), Red Ochre Lit Journal (US), Nosside Poetry Anthology 2011(Italy), Birds Eye Review(US), The Dupage Valley Review, Benedictine University’s Press (US) and Verse Wisconsin (US), Fade Annual anthology (UK), The American Asthetic(US), Himal Magazine(Indi), Canon’s Mouth Poetry Journal (UK), The Himal Magazine(Nepal) and Modern English Poetry by Sahitya Akademi( India).


W & A Writers’ Prize – Bloomsbury

Vancouver Tagore Society Poetry Contest 2018

St. Peter’s Foundation Award – 2014

Discovery Award 2016

Longlisted for the Vice Chancellor Poetry Prize 2017

Madder Than We Look – Write Minds Poetry Competition 

Nosside International Poetry Prize – 2011

Nosside International Poetry Prize – 2010

Bharatpur  Municipality, Nepal

Awarded a runner-up award in the “W & A Working Class Writers’ Prize – 2020

Awarded a second place in the VTS Poetry Contest – 2018

Awarded the St. Peter’s Foundation Award from Oxford University – 2014

Honoured by The Red Mountain Press, Santa Fe, US for the new collection ‘Bini-Memories of a Forgotten Country’

University of Canberra, Australia

Honoured by the Write Minds, Madder Than We Look Competition. (UK)

Awarded mention from the Nosside International Poetry Prize ( Italy) with Euro 600 and Plaque for the poem ‘Memory’

Awarded honorary mention from the Nosside International Poetry Prize ( Italy) for the poem ‘ My Father’s House ’

Honoured by the Bharatpur Municipality on the 24th of February 1999 for the promotion of literary works.

Edizioni universm, ItalyAwarded the Diploma “Gran Premio d’autore ” from Edizioni Universum, Italy on the 23rd of February 2001.
Miriam Felicia Lindberg Memorial Foundation, Israel

Awarded and honored by 1998 Miriam Lindberg Israel Poetry for Peace Prize on the 26th of August 1998.


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